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How to use the two Club Stores- is divided into two "stores", the JHPS Boutique and the JHPS Warehouse, each acts as a different store (necessary for the way I track stock), you'll need to register at each one you wish to make a purchase at. You only need to do it once for each store.

Forms of payment:
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express, PayPal and off line check or money orders- for checks (must be drawn on a U.S. bank) you still need to go through the online form, just click "pay by check" at the end, print out and mail in. Orders by checks not received within 10 days get cancelled. Checks get held a minimum of 10 days to clear. If you find this unacceptable, please use an alternate method.

Q. Hey Greg, I want to call a person and talk about my order, how to I do that?

This is primarily an ONLINE STORE, and still a small business for me. I'm always happy to chat, but please don't leave a vague message like "I'm Mrs. Hitchcock calling from London, please ring me" (that was a real message) and expect me to call you back on my dime. If you have a question, try calling again or PLEASE email me, I'll respond promptly. If you prefer to call, try calling weeknights 6pm - 9pm PST or anytime Saturday or Sunday after 8am PST. I can take orders over the phone, it's not a big deal, but online ordering is pretty efficent and, of course, extremely secure.

Q. But I don't like online stores, your payment options or the way you organize you store, what can I do?

Nothing. We take major credit cards and our site is as secure as it gets, it's Hacker Safe, you know. I try to make everything as logical as possible given the software I have to work with and make payments as easy as possible. If you have some suggestions about anything, I'm all ears. Online isn't always perfect, but this site is about a million times better than most of the crappy parts sites out there and the clowns that run them.

Please choose your items carefully. Returns kill me. Last year I had two, count them two, returns for the entire year and I'd like to keep it under that. If returns are necessary, there is a 20% restocking fee, you pay return shipping and no refund on previous shipping. Many parts are non-returnable (see item description) including anything electrical, meaning that if you make a mistake you are stuck with that part. If in doubt, please ask. If I send you an incorrect order, then, of course, I'll get everything fixed up for you right away at my expense.


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